Music Recommendations

Innes Magee



Music taste is very subjective, but here are some recommendations

Top 10 Albums of All Time 

(In no particular order) 

  1. Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd 
  2. Harvest- Neil Young 
  3. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan 
  4. My Bloody Valentine- Loveless (but only if listened to in its entirety) 
  5. Fifth Dimension- The Byrds
  6. Help!- The Beatles 
  7. Nevermind- Nirvana 
  8. Hunky Dory- David Bowie 
  9. Tonight’s the Night- The Shirelles 
  10.  Blood Sugar Sex Magik- Red Hot Chili Peppers 


Music for the moods:


  • Happy- Can I kick it? By A Tribe Called Quest
  • Sad- Literally any song by Elliott Smith 
  • Angry- Doses & Mimosas by Cherub 
  • Melancholy- On Melancholy Hill by the Gorillaz
  • Hyped- Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun 
  • Pessimistic- Loser by Beck (This is my favourite song by the way) 
  • Romantic- Love and Affection by Joan Armatrading 
  • Stressed- Literally any song by Big Thief 
  • Funky- Passin’ Me By by The Pharcyde
  • Frustrated- Pedestrian At Best by Courtney Barnett
  • Any emotion- David Bowie