Harbord’s UndeRage Records Introduces one of its Newest Artists 

Giovanna Batti


UndeRage Records, Harbord’s record label for the last eight years has introduced one of its newest artists to the music scene. Georgia Klassen - Marshall, a grade eleven LAWS program student, joined the label in late October of 2019. Her single ‘It Won’t Be Me’ was released on Soundcloud in the summer of 2019. Interested in social justice issues, musical theatre and instrumental work she discusses her up and coming career. The artist talks about her long-awaited EP, performing, and major influences on her current and future music career.

Georgia’s vision for her music is simplistic yet has a soft and kind tone to it. Her influences are both country and indie music and have played a big role in her genre “I would say that when I started I was making like Kacey Musgraves’ style country music, but now as the last song on my EP is more folk and indie I want to continue with that style of music in the future”. Though the singer enjoys those genres as her creative facets she believes that her music can always be diversified in every single way.  “I don’t want to be put into one category” 

At the age of five, Georgia was introduced to her now long-time music teacher Suzy Wilde.  While part of a musical theatre program, Georgia began learning skills from Wilde that she could put to use years later. “My biggest inspiration to write music definitely came from my piano/guitar teacher Suzy Wilde. She started teaching me piano lessons, and in grade five I started playing guitar. Then I was in a band that she led for four years and in grade ten she started helping me write music,” she explains. “I’ve been volunteering, helping her teach music lessons and also bringing her  ideas or songs I’ve written and she edits them or helps me develop them.” Thanks to artists such as Kacy Musgraves and Sza the singer uses them as inspiration for articulating ideas “Kacey Musgraves, Sarah Harmer, John Mayer, Sza, Beyonce, and so many more. I know my music doesn’t reflect all of those artists but I really like them.” One of her personal favorites Wilde assisted her on was Georgia’s 2019 single ‘It Won’t Be Me’. The song details a person’s journey of letting go or removing someone toxic from their life. For her it symbolizes it is not in any way about having ill for a certain someone but rather saying, “Hey, I can’t be at your call 24/7 anymore. I wish you all the best but all the best won’t come from me.”

Proud of her past accomplishments with her writing and music release, Georgia is excited to announce the drop of her new EP “Unraveled” and her upcoming single “Footprints”. “That single is about my future. What people want for me and what my family wants expects from me.” Though her family expects her to follow a certain path after high school, for example going to post-secondary, Georgia still wants to focus on different and unique aspirations she is passionate about. 

“My family has always supported me with anything I’ve wanted to do. But I want to be able to follow my own path and there are still other dreams that I want to follow.”   

Not only is performing on her radar, but she has also performed before at numerous locations within the GTA, such as Hugh’s Room, Monarch Tavern and the Open Tuning Festival.  Hugh’s Room, a 200 seat club with a performance from emerging artists and Toronto’s Open Tuning Festival, a DIY performing festival celebrating with live music, inviting amateur and professional musicians to perform in the Seaton Village area. When discussing stage presence she explained, “Performing live has been a scary thing for me. I would say that my target audience would probably be like people my age just because that’s who I know, but you don’t really know who’s gonna like your music until you put it out there.”

Her EP is set to be released on February 8, 2020, on her current SoundCloud Account. The release of her new single and EP  has Georgia excited for her future career and her new “2020 energy!”, she credits her manager Sophie Elliott, for her support and assistance on the new album. “She’s my best friend and I’m glad to have her by my side. I think that after this I’m just gonna keep writing and maybe try to make an album. It all depends on how this goes and whether I have the material.”


Watch out Harbord I believe we have a rising star on the horizon!