The Canadian Federal Election

Salvatore Furfaro


The 2019 election in Canada was one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Whoever won the election would decide what the Canadian government does about climate change, one of the biggest problems in Canada and around the world. They’d decide the quality of our future as students and whether we’ll even have a future at all. We now know that the Liberal Party won, so what does this mean for Canada?


Even though Justin Trudeau won this election, there were more Canadians that voted for the Conservative Party than the Liberals. This means that the country is very divided, especially in western Canada where most people voted for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. Justin Trudeau also has a minority government, meaning that he’ll have to rely on the support of other parties like the NDP and Green Party to pass laws. This might seem like a bad thing, but it can actually be a very good thing. With different parties having to work together, the government will be able to find solutions that help even more people and provide different perspectives on issues.


The most important thing is that Canada needs to have a government that cares more about people than corporations and pipelines. The government needs ideas that make life more affordable for young people, like free dental care and cheaper university. They also need to make housing more affordable, something that’s a very important issue in Canada and especially Toronto. A lot of these issues aren’t things that the Liberal party campaigned on, but now that they have a minority government it’s possible that some of them might happen. If Justin Trudeau is able to take care of these problems, Canada will have a much brighter future.


Overall, it’s really unclear what will happen to Canada right now especially with a very divided country. All we know for now is that the Conservative Party didn’t win this election, and that’s definitely a good thing.