Tigers' Semi

Ketia Nicolakakos


Harbord is gearing up for yet another annual semi! It will be hosted at NEST on college street on February 13th, from 6:30 - 11 pm. Doors close at 7:30 so make sure to be on time and to bring your student ID. Coat check is provided. Since the following day is not only a PA day but Valentine’s Day, the dance will be love-themed. SAC wants to keep the decorations a secret, but be ready for a Valentine’s wonderland. Our DJ for the night will be Robell Assefa, a graduate from the class of2019. He runs club events for his brand of bounce events, so, hopefully, everyone with a ticket sent in their song requests to the student account on Instagram. SAC’s goal with this semi is to raise

school spirit and bring the students of Harbord from all grades together. With a fun night out and lots of dancing! The dress code is semi-formal, so break out your best dresses and suits! Reminder to everyone to have a safe and fun night, and reminder, no drugs or alcohol will be tolerated.Have a great semi Harbord!! And ahuge thanks to all the staff and SAC members for making this event possible.