10 Chrome Tips and  Tricks

Hugh Considine


1. Install an Ad blocker

A basic adblocker is the best Individual upgrade you can get. It removes all waiting to skip ads and the unbearable unskippable ads on youtube. It not only works for that but it also removes ads on everything from Snake.io to the wall street journal. Personally I would advise using Adblock Plus (ABP).


2. Quick Tab Switching

Using Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab allow you to switch from one tab to another quickly and without using your mouse.


3. Custom Backgrounds

Go to Google.com in chrome and click on the little pencil in the bottom right corner. This will bring up the “Customise this page button” Using this you can either upload an image of your choosing or pick from googles showcase.


4. Dark Reader

This is a plugin for those who love dark themes on discord, twitch, and youtube. One of the reasons someone would use dark mode is for lower contrast and easier computer experience. The less light from dark mode puts a lower strain on your eyes.


5. Themes

Themes change the tab bar and the outline of chrome and can be used to spice up your browser or complete the quest for darkness. There are many different themes.


6. Cutsom Cursors

Custom Cursors can spice up your experience browsing with anything from a cat paw to a diamond sword.


7. Weather Plugins

These extensions are for anyone who goes outside and needs to know the weather.  There are many different extensions and all do the same thing but some have minor quirks.


8. chrome://flags

*THIS SHOULD ONLY BE ENABLED BY TECH LITERATES*  These flags are for any techies who want very specific features and are not scared by crashes.


9. Audio Equalizer

These are for audiophiles who want to have the perfect audio on any music or videos.  There are many diffrent equalizers and as a non audiophile I cannot give a good recommendation.


10. Ctrl + F

This is the shortcut for the find function. This function will help finding a certain word on wikipedia or in a research document. It is mundane but a very useful feature.

To Install many of these tricks you need to go to Chrome Web Store. This can be found under the apps on your taskbar when at google.com


Custom cursor 




Dark Reader